Make the Earth Happy Again – Amazon Colours, Thailand visits Sattahip

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Amazon Colours, Thailand launched an environmental campaign to raise awareness and educate employees on conservation and the far reaching effects of pollution. Make the Earth Happy Again is an ongoing internal campaign to bring to the attention of staff and management the impact that pollution is having on our immediate environment.

Recently, staff of Amazon Colours Thailand, visited the Royal Thai Navy in Sattahip which proudly hosts an impressive Sea Turtle Conservation Center. The main objective of the centre is to instill among youth and the general public respect for natural resources and to educate people about sea turtle conservation issues.

The group then planted mangrove trees along the shoreline. Mangrove trees protect shorelines from hurricanes, floods and storms, which Sattahip is susceptible to during Thailand’s monsoon season. This activity was followed by a beach clean-up which really highlighted how huge the plastic pollution problem is and what each one of us can do about it.

All employees were thanked for their contribution towards preserving the local environment and everyone had the chance to reflect upon the activities completed that day.