Amazon Colours opens a factory in Indonesia

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Amazon Colours’ growth and confidence in the Indonesian market has led it to open an additional manufacturing facility in Jatake, Tangerang in May 2017.

PT. AMAZON COLOURS INDONESIA is able to service Indonesian paint & coatings companies with the speed and convenience that only a local manufacturer can do.

The Indonesian factory is backed up by skilled local staff, stringent quality control and a fully equipped colour laboratory. PT. AMAZON COLOURS INDONESIA is able to build exclusive colour databases that allow customers to have any colour of choice in their own paint systems.

Amazon Colours remains headquartered in Thailand, but the Indonesian plant functions as a stand-alone production facility which enables the two sites to serve as back-up for each other.

PT. AMAZON COLOURS INDONESIA continues the Amazon Colours’ vision of excellence in building companies of which employees, customers and the industry as a whole can be truly proud.