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Amazon Colours


Amazon Colours Co., Ltd. is an international colourant and pigment dispersion manufacturer for the decorative paint market. As the largest supplier of point-of-sale colourants in South East Asia, our sophisticated manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Indonesia consistently supply colourants and pigment dispersions at the right quality standards to more than 10 000 automatic dispensing machines in the region.

Committed to our customers

As a respected and trusted international colourant and pigment dispersion manufacturer, Amazon Colours is always looking to add value to our customers. We make sure that they are able to offer the latest and most cost-effective technology to their end markets. Read more…

Quality Control and Research

While our Technical Colour Team understands the evolution of colour, our Research and Development experts understand the complex chemical characteristics of colourants and pigment dispersions.  This allows Amazon Colours to formulate new colourant ranges, control quality…  Read more…

Colourants and Pigment Dispersion

Amazon Colours produces the following colourants:

Ultracol Range – universal and water-based for decorative point-of-sale in paint shops. Read more…

Hydrosperse Range – water-based for batch tinting in paint factories. Read more…